Independent & experienced consultants in Pharma, Food, Cosmetic Industry & Law. All your team has senior experience in the field, at least 10 years. We help you reduce your need for junior staff placing at your disposal senior ones, which will do the job. We present you effective outsourcing with integrated management of your peripherals leaving you to concentrate on your core business. We also contribute to better management & motivation your staff, removing from them routine work. We are proud to provide total involvement with client; we go further and always deliver our compromise. If you are looking for a hub in Spain, or simply for a team with hands on experience in the territory for market development & exploiting opportunities, look no further.

  • Yerfis quoted in CF as a reference in Pharmacy Law
  • Yerfis files Civil Rights claim vs Andalusian Government
  • Yefis incorporates expert in Minnors Law
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