Our Commitment

Our team comprise a rich mixture of men and women of different races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultures and primary languages. We are strengthened enormously by this diversity, and our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity enables Yerfis to draw from a remarkable wealth of talent to recruit and retain the best and create one of the world's leading firms.

Women (WEB)

In 2009, we launched an official women's initiative to help address the business challenges and opportunities unique to women and to existing and prospective women clients. WEB, or Women Enriching Business, is a two-pronged initiative designed to promote women in business by creating broader networks and productive business relationships and by attracting and investing in the long-term success of women.
Or ratios of women staff and in senior post well above the 24% the average of the top 10 companies in Spain, makes us a women friendly firm.

Achieving Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Yerfis is a leader in conceiving; promoting and implementing methods that ensure all that are hired, trained and promoted fairly and with attention to the goals of equal opportunity and diversity in the practice of law. We have a Diversity Committee that monitors and addresses issues relating to achievement of the firm's equal opportunity and diversity objectives, and includes representatives from all areas.
Our commitment to equal opportunity is reflected both in our expert population and in our management. This diversity extends to aspects of the firm.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Yerfis is an equal opportunity employer. Yerfis prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or any other characteristic or condition protected by law. It is also against firm policy to discriminate against any qualified disabled employee or applicant or against a disabled. Yerfis will ensure that applicants and employees are treated in all aspects of employment without unlawful discrimination because of these or any other protected bases. Such aspects of employment include, but are not limited to, recruitment, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination, compensation and training. Additionally, it is the policy of Yerfis that all employees enjoy a work environment free from all forms of unlawful harassment of a sexual or other discriminatory nature. Any conduct contrary to this policy is prohibited.

Pro Pro‑Bono

The world is changed through small & discrete actions, which transfer to the society the trust in the values of the good and the just. We place our legal counselling at the disposal of the elderly, to help them with their administrative and legal matters. Our lawyers freely help them that find sincerity, loyalty and a level of expertise and experience that they would otherwise not have access. We do not advertise nor show off of our contribution because it is when we give that we receive, and that is enough for us.

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