How do we interact with you?

All Projects are not Created Equal

We commit ourselves to taking on important projects that bring meaningful change
As our customer an associate will be the liaison with you, he will be responsible for all the interactions, this ensures that everyone in your organisation knows who to relate. The minimum team is of two, one of which is always a senior member of the team supervises and coordinates. More members join in as the project requires. The type of projects we are involved with normally does not require your staff to serve on our team. We are a tech intensive company try to handle only electronic documents, all originals are scanned & remitted to you unless otherwise advised or needed.

Your associate is always on call for you, we understand that your needs are important he has the obligation to reply within 24 hours.

How we work

We work with you.
We never write a proposal for you until the opportunity is well qualified and there’s mutual agreement between us on objectives, scope, schedule, and expected outcomes for the project. In the end, this will ensure that the proposal is faster to complete and is aligned with your needs. If either of us holds back vital facts or gives you incorrect information, your proposal could be way off the mark and the project could end up in the ditch down the road. If that happens, we stand to lose as much as—or more than—you.
Before we jump in, we are certain that we have sufficient time and resources to finish what we begin. Even if we have the best of intentions, we don’t commit ourselves until we’re convinced that you can fully deliver. We don’t go rushing into a project, begin the work, and not complete it. We don’t underestimate the obligation we agree to take on and the time, effort, and costs it could entail.
We wait until we both have the complete picture of you and the project before we can answer you, it is hazardous and is not in our best interests, better wait until all the project issues have been thoroughly discussed before we have an answer to these simple questions.

You will find that we are competitive and for most aspects we ask you to value our service and make us the proposal, for we believe that you are the one that can best put a cost to our expertise.


We don’t mind being used as the “benchmark” consultant. Others can reach the budget but cannot hit the mark of our “one size fits none” approach. If you use us to induce your preferred consultant to lower their fees or provide more services for the same fees you will be asking others to learn to do what we do best, at your own risk.

Next Step

If you have real projects, or even ideas you’re toying with, and they need outside assistance. We invite you to carefully evaluate us and your competitors offer. Get involved with us, work with us to design approaches for completing projects; we help each other to the proposal; and of course don’t forget to work hard to select appropriate consultants.

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