Resource Point - Events & Publications

Here you will find the events were we'll be either in an active role, or simply to meet you. Also you will find our publications with a brief summary of them, these are all available (if possible) on request

Knowledge is the consultants’ currency; it is their stock-in-trade and what clients pay hefty fees to obtain. Very few consulting firms hold many physical assets. After its consultants, a firm’s most valuable property is its intellectual assets—its stockpile of collective wisdom, experience, tools, methods, and other intangibles. Your site’s resource library is the repository of the assets you wish to share with clients, prospective clients, and the media.
The best resource libraries provide both consultant-developed material and access to other independent thinkers on the topics covered. So your library should also include lists of relevant reference books, academic experts, journal articles, industry and research site links, and other resources that will allow clients to round out their knowledge.
In our www you will find:


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